How does the booking process work? 

Our online booking form requires you to fill out your contact details and select the band line up you would like.  If you’re not sure whether you’re after a 2, 3 or 4 piece band at this stage then just enter a tentative band size for the initial enquiry purpose or read the detailed info below… 

2 Piece Band– A small acoustic option for laid back settings only  

3 Piece Band – This option includes a female vocalist, a lead/rhythm guitarist and a drummer/percussionist and will be more than adequate to cater for most events  

4 Piece Band– The 4 piece offers you the choice of an additional musician/instrument – either bass or keyboards.   It will produce a much stronger sound so if you’re wanting a party/dance atmosphere this option is best. 

Note:  If you require a specific instrument ie. Saxophone, violin, banjo etc. to be included in the band line-up that is possible but it will need to be negotiated and discussed.

How long will the band be playing at my wedding reception or corporate event?  

Prices include up to 5 hours attendance featuring 4 x 45min sets of live music, and background/”DJ” music on iPod controlled through our sound system during band breaks.   

Please note, the 4 x 45min set times can be adjusted to fit in with your specific runsheet – that is, the 180mins total playing time can be positioned however you like.  

The 5 hour duration satisfies most wedding reception and corporate event durations as most venues work to 5 hour packages – usually 6pm to 11pm, or 7pm to 12am. If you would like the band at your reception for a period longer than 5 hours, that is of course fine but an additional cost may be involved.

How does the band’s set up and sound check work?  

It takes approximately 45 mins to fully set up and sound check the band. This additional time is not considered part of the 5 hour period and does not carry any additional cost.   

Does the band travel? And how do the travel fees work?  

Yes we do travel, but for events that take more than an hour to reach outside the Sydney CBD an additional travel cost will be charged – it can be discussed when booking.  

What songs will the band play at my wedding or corporate event? Can I choose the music?  

Absolutely!  Please feel free to choose from our setlist and chat to us about it, or we are happy to create a tailor-made setlist appropriate for your function.  We can also cater for a special song that you would like performed at your wedding if you can't find it on our setlist.